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The agent based forest management engine.


The ABE forest management system is:

  • is a hybrid C++/Javascript system
  • follows a declarative paradigma - forest management strategies are described using Javascript-Objects (like JSON), but include also imperative section and event handlers that allow a fine grained control

The concept is described in more details on the iLand wiki page:

building blocks

The main classes of ABE are:

  • Agent are conceptually forest managers that are responsible for a part or for the full simulated landscape.
  • STP a STP object encapsulates a stand treatment program, that includes one or many forest management activities.
  • Activity is a single management activity such as a thinning or a planting.

In addition, the API defines various helper objects:

  • FMEngine is the main class of ABE. It provides methods to define agents, stand treatment programs, etc and methods to "manually" execute forest mangement
  • Stand encapsulates a "stand" in the model. A landscape can have multiple stands (e.g., by providing a GIS layer).
  • TreeList a collection of individual trees that are e.g. fetched from a specific stand