Module: ABE

Access to properties of the current stand treatment program. The stp variable is available in the execution context of forest management and provides access to properties STP activity (linked to a stand).

Note that the variable stp is provided through the C++ framework and does not need to be created separately.

See also: Variables stand (Stand)

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The name of the stand treatment program as provided when called the respecitve 'fmengine' functions.

See also: fmengine.addManagement



The 'options' property provides a link to the 'options' property of the STP definition, i.e., this is a mechanism that can be used to pass purely javascript options/values to other javascript code (e.g., when an activity within the stand context is executed). Note that the C++ part of ABE does not interfere with these options.

           // definition of the STP
                               var stp: { U: [110, 130, 150], // define the rotation period
                                   clearcut: a_clearcut, // some activities
                                   options: { dbh: 5, someOtherParameter: 50}
                               // definition of activities… here the ‘dbh’ options is used
                               // in the Javascript code to select trees to harvest.
                               var a_clearcut: {
                                  type: "scheduled", … ,
                                  onEvaluate: function() {
                                           trees.harvest("dbh>" + stp.options.dbh );}