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Module: ABE

Schedule object.




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The 'dump' method prints the contents of the scheduler (i.e., the list of stands with the estimated harvests and execution dates to the console.




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The 'harvestIntensity' is a multiplier for the "sustainable" harvest level; values > 1 cause the harvesting being above the level of sustainable yield (as it is estimated by the scheduler).

Default: false



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The 'maxAbsoluteHarvest' is a cutoff for the annual harvest. If a a value is given (default is no cap), then the scheduler stops when the cap is reached.


  • the value is only effective when the increment based scheduling is off ('enabled: false')
  • to calculate the running sum of harvest the scheduler uses the value provided as the return value of the onEvaluate() handler of the activities. This defaults to the volume (per ha) of planned harvests but can be used differently. For example, an area limit can be established by using stand area as return value in the handler.

Default: 0



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The 'maxHarvestLevel' property is a multiplier to define the maximum overshoot over the planned volume that the scheduler is willing to take (e.g. 1.2 -> 20% max. overshoot).

Default: 1



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'useSustainableHarvest' is a scaling factor (0..1) that allows gradually switching between bottom-up harvest planning (i.e., stands are always processed at their optimal dates), and a top-down approach (i.e, the scheduling algorithm decides when a stand should be processed). A value of 1 means that the scheduler (assigned to the agent) is used exclusively, and 0 means a strict bottom up approach. Between 0 and 1 the harvest is scaled in between.

still used????

Default: false



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If 'verbose' is set to true, much more log messages are generated from the scheduling algorithms.

Default: false