Module: ABE

Access to properties of the current activity. The activity variable is available in the execution context of forest management and provides access to properties and functions of the current activity (linked to a stand) that is currently processed. In addition, other activities of the (currently active) programme can be accessed with activity.

Note that the variable activity is provided through the C++ framework and does not need to be created separately.

See also: Variables stand (Stand)

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The active property indicates whether an activity can still be executed during this rotation. After an activity is executed, the active flag is set to false, and the next active (and enabled) activity is selected. At the end of a rotation, the active flag of all activities of the programme are set back to true. By changing the value of active, activities can be either removed from the current rotation, or re-enabled.

  //re-enable the 'todo' activity.
                      stand.activity("todo").active = true;

See also: enabled

Default: false



An activity can only be executed, if the enabled property is true. Activities can be switched on/ off using this flag.

Note that an activity needs also to be active in order to get executed.

  // switch off a repeating activity, when a height threshold is surpassed.
                      if (stand.hmean>12)
                          stand.activity('repeater').enabled = false;

See also: active

Default: false



An activity with finalHarvest=true ends a rotation when (successfully) executed. This resets the age counter and sets all activites active.

Default: depends on activity type.



The name of the activity as provided in the definition of the activity.

See also: fmengine.addManagement



This flag indicates whether the Scheduler is used when this activity is run, i.e. if the exact date of execution is selected by the scheduling algorithm of ABE. The default value depends on the type of the activity, e.g., default is false for activities of type general, but true for scheduled activities.

Default: depends on activity type.