variable list of a resource unit

resource unit variables

A list of variables provided by each resource unit. These variable names are used when binding a single resource unit to a expression.

General variables

Name Description
year current simulation year.


Resource unit variables

Name Description
index unique index of the resource unit. 0-based.
id id of the unit provided in resource unit grid mode, or -1 otherwise
area total stockable area of the resource unit (m2). The value is determined by the initial stand grid.
totalEffectiveArea (0..1). intermediate variable for production calculation.
nitrogenAvailable available nitrogen (kg/ha*yr)
soilDepth depth of the soil (mm)
waterHoldingCapacity WHC (mm) of the soil (using -4MPa as permanent wilitng point)
stockedArea area covered by trees (calculation is based on 2m-pixels) (m2)
count number of trees / ha
volume sum of volume of the tree bole (m3)
totalCarbon total living carbon (including above + belowground, trees and regeneration) kg/ha
avgDbh arithmetic mean of DBH (cm)
avgHeight arithmetic mean of tree height (m)
basalArea total basal area of all trees (m2)
leafAreaIndex total LAI (m2/m2)leaf area weighted average aging factor (0..1)
aging total average aging (weighted by LAI) factor.
cohortCount total number of cohorts per ha in the sapling phase.
saplingCount total number of individuals in the sapling phase (>1.3m) per ha.
canopyConductance LAI weighted average canopy conductance (m/s) (including the conductance of the "ground cover" layer)
soilC total Carbon content (t/ha) in soil (sum of young, refractory and SOM)
soilN total Nitrogen content (t/ha) in soil (sum of young, refractory and SOM)
snagC total Carbon (kg/ha) present in the standing woody pools (i.e.: carbon in snag diameter classes and carbon in branch/coarse root pools)
meanTemp mean annual temperature (daytime) on the resource unit (°C)
annualPrecip annual precipitation (mm) on the resource unit
annualRad total incoming radiation (MJ) per year


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