tree variables

A list of variables provided by a single tree.
These variable names are used when binding a tree to a expression. See also species parameter.
See also the list of variables available at resource unit level resource unit variables and for sapling variables.

General variables

Name Description
year current simulation year.

Tree variables

Name Description
id Unique id (integer) of the tree.
dbh diameter at breast height (cm)
height height (m)
ruindex ID of the RessourceUnit the tree belongs to
x position of the tree (x-direction) (m)
y position of the tree (y-direction) (m)
volume volume of the tree bole (m3)
lri current LightRessourceIndex (0..1)
leafarea current leafarea (m2)
lightresponse LightResonse LRI (0..1)
stemmass stem biomass (kg ODM)
branchmass branch biomass (kg ODM)
rootmass root biomass (kg ODM) (fine + coarse roots)
foliagemass biomass of foliage (kg ODM) linked to leafarea by fixed conversion factor
age Age of tree (years)
opacity opacity factor of tree crown (based on leafarea and crown radius)
dead 1: tree is dead, 0: tree is alive
stress stress level of tree (0..1), 0: no stress, 1: high stress
deltad last year's dbh increment (cm)
afoliagemass foliage mass dervied from allometric equation
species index of tree species within this simulation. 0..n. Note, that species names are available as constants within expressions, thus e.g., 'species=Psme' is valid.
basalarea basal area (m2) of the individual tree.
crownarea area of the crown (m2) (derived from LIP-stamp crown radius)
markharvest 1 if trees is flagged for (future) harvests (0 otherwise)
markcut 1 if trees is flagged for (future) cut-down (0 otherwise)
markcrop 1 if trees is flagged as being a crop tree (0 otherwise)
markcompetitor 1 if trees is flagged as a competitor (to a crop tree) (0 otherwise)

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