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iLand console application

The iLand console application ("ilandc") is a command-line version of iLand. It contains the same core functionality as the iLand+viewer (actually, both applications use the same code base), but does not sport a graphical user interface. The main purpose of ilandc is for automating simulation jobs and/or for running in environments where no graphical user interface is available. The name of the executable of the console version is ilandc (whereas the name of the GUI version is 'iland'). The console version is part of the iLand download package. The "ilandc" version is also used in applications facilitating a computer cluster environment.


ilandc project-file years additional-options
  • project-file: path of a valid iLand project+file
  • years: the number of years to simulate
  • additonal-options: additional key=value pairs that represent values for settings that are set after the project is loaded, i.e., overwrite the default project file. The settings are modified *before* the project is loaded. If the value contains and space characters, the value string must be enclosed by "-characters.

Javascript functions can also be called from the additional options: these are specified as event=javascriptFunction(parameters). Valid events are:

onCreate triggered after creating the model immediately before the simulation of the first year.
onfinish triggered after the last year of the simulation is finished. (Note: onfinish with capital "F" - the tikiwiki always changes to lowercase)


run "project.xml" for 100 years:

ilandc project.xml 100 

run the same project, but disable the stand output:

ilandc project xml 100 output.stand.enabled=false

in addition, modify a external seed parameter (note the "-characters):

ilandc project.xml 100 output.stand.enabled=false model.seedDispersal.seedBelt.species_0_0="abal 0.1 piab 0.1 lade 0.1"

call a special javascript function, when the simulation has finished:

ilandc project.xml 100 onfinish="runmyFunction('my file name');"


ilandc is known to run for the following platforms:

  • Windows 32bit (gcc)
  • Windows 64bit (gcc, msvc)
  • Linux 32Bit (Ubuntu) (gcc)
  • Linux 64Bit (Red hat) (gcc, icc)

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