A list of variables provided by the sapling cohorts.
These variable names are used when binding a sapling to an expression.
See also: tree variables and resource unit variables.

General variables

Name Description
year current simulation year.
species cohort species. The species is a numeric constant (you can use species codes such as 'fasy')
height height of the cohort (m)
age age of the cohort cell (yrs)
dbh dbh (cm) of the cohort (calculated via HD ratio)
nrep number of trees represented by the cohort (calculated via the Reineke equation)
foliagemass foliage mass (kg) of each tree of the cohort (i.e. to calculate total foliage mass: foliagemass*nrep)
x x-coordinate of the sapling (meters, iLand reference system)
y y-coordinate of the sapling (meters, iLand reference system)