ABE variables

This page provides the list of available variables in expressions from various ABE objects. Such expression can be used e.g. in constraints for activities in ABE.

ABE Stand variables

These variables are aggregates per stand. Typically, they are accessed via `stand.<varname>`.

Name Description
basalArea total basal area (m2/ha)
age basal area weighted mean age of the stand
absoluteAge number of years since the beginning of the rotation (not based on tree age)
nspecies number of species (>4m)
volume total standing volume (m³/ha)
dbh basal area weighted mean dbh (trees taller 4m) in cm
height basal area weighted mean height (trees >4m) in m
annualIncrement mean annual increment (MAI), m3 timber/ha for the full rotation period
elapsed years since last execution of an activity for the stand (yrs)
topHeight mean height of the thickest 100 trees/ha (m)
area stand area (ha)
year current simulation year

Site variables

Site variables such as "annualIncrement" or "harvestMode" are not implemented yet.


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