ClimateConverter Javascript Object

Object ClimateConverter

The ClimateConverter object is a customizable converter used to transform textfile based (csv) climate data to SQLite tables used by iLand.
See the demo-script below for details.

/* Climate Converter demo
 WR 200909, update 201005
   *** General ***
   This script converts text based climate input files into the format that is internally used by iLand.
   The delimiters used in the input file is automatically detected and could be either a comma, semicolon or tab.
   The mechanism of the conversion itself is flexible, so that adapting to another input format should be easy: for
   every target-value an "expression" defines a formula which is used to calculate the value. Data from  the input
   is referenced by special variables which use the naming scheme "cX" with "X" the zero-based index of the column.
   Thus, complex calculations can be performed during the conversion (see example below).

   *** Notes ***
   Modify path of source files in silvistratBatch() and the path to the target database in silvistratClimate()
   The target climate tables are overwritten if they are already present.
   The target database must not be used by a running iLand instance (locking problms).
   Call "silvistratBatch()" from the iLand GUI to start the actual conversion.

// invoke the processing of several climate files
function silvistratBatch()
	var path = "E:\\Daten\\iLand\\environment\\daily climate\\";
	silvistratClimate(path + "046_c.day", "Rovaniemi");
	silvistratClimate(path + "008_c.day", "Montesquiu");
	silvistratClimate(path + "019_c.day", "AUT8low");

// use the ClimateConverter object to process one climate file
function silvistratClimate(infile, tablename)
/* columns of the input file: use in expressions as "cX" with x from 0 (year) to 9 (global radiation).
0: year
1: month
2: day
3: minimum  temperature  (°C)
4: mean temperature      (°C)
5: maximum  temperature  (°C)
6: daily precipitation   (mm)
7: rF                    (%)
8: RTL relative sunshine (%)
9: global radiation      (J/cm²)  */
	var ldr = new ClimateConverter;
	ldr.fileName = infile; // input file name
	ldr.database = "E:\\Daten\\iLand\\projects\\test\\database\\silvistrat2.sqlite"; // !!! EDIT !!!
	ldr.tableName  = tablename;
	ldr.captions = false; // no captions in the first row
	ldr.year = "c0";
	ldr.month = "c1";
	ldr.day = "c2";
	ldr.minTemp = "c3";
	ldr.temp = "c4";
	ldr.prec = "c6";
	ldr.rad = "c9 / 100"; // convert from J/cm2 to MJ/day
	ldr.vpd = "(610.78*exp(17.269*c4/(c4+237.3)) - 610.78*exp(17.269*c3/(c3+237.3)))*0.001"; // Campbell & Norman, 1998
	ldr.run(); // process the whole input file

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