This page is a hub for scripting, that provides links to Javascript (general) and all the APIs and iLand-objects made available via scripting as well as sample programs.
Click here, for general concepts of how the models behavior can be influenced by scripting.

The iLand Scripting API

We recently (2016) remodeled the API-documentation: since the start of iLand, the Javascript API was located on specific wiki pages (e.g., Globals). The new system puts the documentation of the API closer to the source code (i.e. within the source code tree), and uses YUIdoc to generate the documentation pages (with better cross links, better syntax highlighting, etc.).

The transition is, unfortunately, not fully complete, and you still find some parts of the API documentation in the wiki.


API Documentation

The API document page describes the following objects:

  • Globals
  • Grid
  • Managemenet
  • Map
  • Factory
  • SpatialAnalysis

Still on the Wiki:
Helper class to import climate data from various text sources.

scripting in modules

Access to functions of the iLand wind module.

access to functiond of the iLand wildfire module.

access to functions of the iLand barkbeetle module.


management example: parallel management
management example: HJA fire history
management example: restoration area (modern Javascript)