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iLand is a model of forest landscape dynamics, simulating individual tree competition, growth, mortality, and regeneration. It addresses interactions between climate (change), disturbance regimes, vegetation dynamics, and forest management.

iLand is a research tool already used by a growing number of scientists in the US and Europe. The iLand software is released under the GNU General Public License and freely available.

The iLand wiki with 120+ pages of documentation, links to the download package and much more is located here.

the source code

Qt toolkit

iLand uses the cross platform C++ toolkit Qt. Qt is available for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms (along several mobile platforms like Symbian, Maemo, and others) - so you are not locked in with regard to operating systems. The Qt framework is open source and offers lots of functionality beyond the graphical user interface.


iLand uses the SQLite ( database. This is a leight-weight open source database that requires no installation, is cross platform and has the reputation to be very fast. SQLite stores the all tables of a database within one single file. This approach could get quite handy for the storage of model outputs.


The iLand source code is stored in a subversion source code repository. The public SVN-repository (through WebSVN) is available on the net: Note that there is also a "private" SVN for portions of the model that are not published yet.